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Jan Richards, M.Sc.
Research Group, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
130 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 1A5

TEL: (416) 946-7060
FAX: (416) 971-2629

Current projects:

LDAO Web-Based Teaching Tool (2005-)
Software Development Coordinator
WAI Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (1998-)
Editor on ATAG 2.0 update to ATAG 1.0 W3C Recommendation.
Acting staff contact.

Selected past projects:

WAI User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (2006-2008)
Acting staff contact.
Culturall (2005-2008)
Coordinating ATRC contribution to "Intersections" area.
Signing Web Project (2003-2009)
UI designer for the signlinking mechanism the Signlink Studio application. (2005-2006)
Coordinator and UI designer. Included managing the development of a variant of Signlink Studio, called Storylink Studio.
A-Communicator (2003-2004)
Tool development coordinator and UI designer for this accessibility-aware Java-based chat/whiteboard application.
Canadian Network for Inclusive Cultural Exchange (CNICE) (2003-2004)
Theme coordinator for rich media component of this project.
A-Prompt 2.0 (2003-2004)
UI consultant for this update to A-Prompt 1.0.
A-Chat (2003-2004)
Tool development co-ordinator and UI designer for this accessibility-aware PERL-based chat application.
The Inclusive Learning Exchange (TILE) (2003-2004)
Some UI consulting and content development.
Some UI consulting.
A-Prompt 1.0 - Korean Version (2002-2003):
Project co-ordinator for ATRC work.
BarrierFree Learning Environment (2000-2002):
UI consultant for authoring tool and player, authored some material for learning object repository.
Early Intervention Screening Tool [for Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario](2002):
Some UI consulting.
Digital Fieldtrip to the Rainforest AT [by Digital Frog International](2000):
Consulted on the UI of the first educational interactive CD-ROM to incorporate full keyboard accessibility, voice output, and multimedia descriptions.
A-Prompt 1.0 (2000):
Contributed to the specification and UI design of the first tool to detect and help repair inaccessible HTML markup.
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines v.1.0 (1998-2000):
Editor on this W3C-WAI recommendation and techniques for its implementation.
HotMetal 4.0 (1997):
Consulted to Softquad on the first HTML authoring tool to provide built-in prompting for accessibility information.

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